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1. The information entered will be reflected into your future documentation. E.g. mark sheets, results, UPTU documentation.            

2     2. This form is to be submitted online, at .(No Hardcopies are to be submitted.) 

3       3. You can enter the form from any internet connected PC, either at your home, an internet café or your college lab.


1.       LOGON TO :

2.       Click the link (JOIN NOW) given on the right side of the page.

3.       On clicking the join now link, the form would load.

      4.       Start by choosing your Degree and Semester. (Choose this very carefully)

5.       Choosing the Degree and Semester would load the complete form.

6.       Now, enter all your details page wise. There are 5 pages in Total.

7.       Ensure correct mobile number of your guardian and your own to receive all your “SMS” updates.

8.       Leave fields blank, if you do not have specific information.

9.       The “SAVE” button is present on Page 5. Ensure correct degree and semester before submitting.

10.    A message alerts, whether you have entered all details, would occur. If you have entered all details, including family, guardian, spouse of guardian, brother/sister, contacts, medical and educational, click "OK" else "CANCEL" and fill the details.

      11. Remember to note down your "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" which would be displayed after submitting the registration form               

12.    You will also receive an SMS with your "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD".

13.    If, you have made any error during entry, then please, contact your computer administrator with your "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD".

14.   Registration Starts: 07-08-2012

       15.    Registration Ends: 


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